Four Reasons People Want American-made Mattresses

Consumers that want an American made mattress have a variety of options today. There are a number of brands that carry the Made in the USA label and sell high-quality products. Here is why so many people think the label is a must-have when they want to upgrade their sleeping quarters.

Regulations Ensure Quality

People spend about a third of their lives in their beds, so fumes and unsafe materials are genuine concerns. Regulations in the U.S. force companies to list all of the materials they use to manufacture their beds. They cannot list details like fire resistance, organic products and other features unless they follow the regulations. Bans exist against unsafe products and factory inspections ensure that each business stays honest.

Better Customer Service

Many shoppers feel more secure when they know a company is in the same country where they buy a mattress. It is easier to reach customer support and any repairs or replacements happen sooner. Their product reviews are seen by more people, and consumer laws in the United States guarantee they have protection if they do not get the help they want from the seller.

Support American Workers

The media shares plenty of stories about the work conditions in other countries and what these workers experience. Not supporting these businesses helps to stop unfair practices, but just as important is the support of American workers. Companies that manufacture in the U.S. provide local jobs, and the profits made by these organizations go back into the American economy and benefit even more people.

Keep it Affordable

Basic mattresses have prices that fit almost any budget. Lower shipping costs make it possible for people that have extra to spend to get a better quality mattress than what they could afford if it came from overseas.

Made in America is a label that matters for all products, including mattresses. How it is made is just as important as where it is made. The large number of companies with their own brand make it easier than ever to find an affordable bed, but it is more difficult to decide which is best. That forces people to listen to the advice straight from the source and check out the available mattress guides from the experts in the field.